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At Home Sweet Homme Mortgage, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to, evaluate the loans and terms suitable for you, and offer it at competitive rates.
We will help you to narrow down options based on your individual needs for the best loan.

We take the time needed to educate you throughout the loan process and assist you in making the right decision for you and your family whether you are purchasing a new home, investments, refinancing, making home improvement or trying to save on your current mortgage.

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Complementary service and consultation

Clients come first!
We do not charge for our service and can help you find the perfect solution to fit your needs.
We have the tools and experience to make sure you get the best result for your situation. Whether it’s your first home, new property or your next investment, we are ready to help make it reality.
We work with multiple lenders across Australia allowing us to provide our clients with competitive rates now you can do all your comparison shopping with us without wasting time with several banks or brokers.

We make sure our clients get the best support from us. We will walk you through the whole mortgage process and ensure smooth transactions with successful outcome.


Buying Investment Property

If you are looking at capital growth or rental income, property investment may be a great way to increase your wealth over a long period.

We understand your business goals and will show you how you can get the most out of your investment loan.

We will help you to choose the most appropriate investment loan we show you what type of loan will have the maximum return or any fees and charges involved we will complete all the necessary paperwork with you and negotiate with the lenders on your behalf.

There are lot of factors involved when purchasing an investment property, investing in a property can provide you with an ongoing rental income and long term capital growth on the property, when buying an investment property you need to consider structure of the loan and how it will affect your tax requirement, investment property is a great way to provide you with range of tax benefits when set up correctly with right structure can save you money through negative gearing. We are here to help you with your accountant to ensure your loan is structured best to suit your financial position.


Refinancing your home loan with Home Sweet Home mortgage can bring you range of benefits for example;
• Save money with a lower interest rate
• Access equity for renovation and extension
• Pay off your loan quicker

• Refinancing an outstanding loan
• Consolidate loans for better management
One of the main reasons homeowners choose to refinance is to get a better deal with their mortgage. You might be paying more than you have to that’s why it’s important to make sure your loan product is up to date this can reduce your repayments.

Guarantor Home Loans

What is a guarantor home loan?

Sometimes you can borrow 100% of a property’s value by having a guarantor, and sometimes even the costs associated with purchasing a property.

A guarantor home loan is a type of home loan 

where instead of a deposit you use your parent’s (guarantor) property as additional security.

The benefits of a guarantor loan you don’t need a deposit, allowing you to buy a home now, save money by not paying an LMI premium.

Low Doc Home Loan

What is a low doc home loan?

A low doc home loan is a loan that borrowers can take out with less alternative paperwork and financial documentation required from some lenders but it may attract higher interest rate.

First Home Buyer

First home owner grant

First home buyers may be able to receive a grant towards the purchase of a new home.

The first home owner grant is a one-off payment to encourage and assist first home buyers

to buy or build a new residential property for use as their principal place of residence.

The grant is $10,000 or the consideration paid to buy or build the house if less than that amount. Only one grant is payable per eligible transaction, so two people purchasing a house together may only receive one grant.

If you are a first home owner, you may qualify for the grant if you are purchasing or building a new home. A home that has been substantially renovated may be considered a new home. The grant is not available for the purchase of an established home or for renovations to an existing home.

If you receive the grant, or would be eligible except that you are purchasing an established home, you may be eligible for the concessional first home owner rate of duty.

About Us

We make sure our clients get the best support from us. We will walk you through the whole mortgage process and ensure your transactions close smoothly.
Using a mortgage broker allows you to have access to verity of choices with different loan products.
The role of the mortgage broker is to help clients identify and choose the loan that best suits their needs and offering a wide panel of lenders.
Many borrowers are confused by the different options when applying for a home loan, with great amount paperwork and requirements.

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